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Module 1: Go Chi-i (Tai chi qigong)

The purpose of the this module is to give you greater appreciation and understanding of a Chinese based exercise discipline.

This module includes the basic concepts of Tai Ch'i Chuan (Tai Ji Chuan) and Chi Kung (Qi Gong). The overall goal of this module is to take you to the next step of learning the Five Loosening exercises and the Yang Short Form.

  • Induction to training protocol - Outlines the approach to training regimes. eg. How many times a week to practice, Duration of time for each session.
  • Primary Exercises - These exercises are preformed before the Go Chi-i. The reason is that the exercises warm up and loosen the body.
  • Alignments - Important information on the correct body postures, foot pressures, and the introduction to the three stages.
  • Tai chi Classics - Writings of a variety of Tai Chi Masters.
  • Tai Chi Writings - Writings of articles by Tai Chi Teachers.
  • Meditation - Several varieties of meditation for aiding the mind to be focused and concentrated.
  • Additional Information - Miscellaneous collection of articles, videos relating to Tai Chi and internal growth.

  1. To understand the basics of training correctly the Go Chi-i.
  2. To be confident to independently practice the Go Chi-i movements.
  3. To understand the underlying principles of Internal Development.
  4. To prepare you with the necessary foundation for the future modules

Prerequisites: Investigated Introductory lessons
Estimated Duration: 6 months - 1 year.
Assessment Method: Video link, practical assessment
Online, multiple-choice assessment
Pass Level: 75% (3 attempts)