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Module 1: Five Loosening Exercises and Yang Short Form

The purpose of the this module is to give you greater appreciation and understanding of a Grandmaster Huang Sheng Sheng unique exercises, and Cheng Man Ching Yang Short Form.

This module includes the basic concepts of Tai Ch'i Chuan (Tai Ji Chuan) and 5 Loosening exercises Chi Kung (Qi Gong). The overall goal of this module is to take you to the next step of learning Yang Long Form.

  • Five loosening exercises - Five exercises that develop the internal development of the body, mind and spirit to be utilized in all aspects of Taiji and Qigong.
  • Yang Short Form - A series of smooth continuous movements that aid correct posture and movement, and a balanced movement of the chi energy along the meridians and within the three treasures (Three Dantains)
  • Primary Exercises - These exercises are preformed before the Loosening exercises and Yang form. The reason is that the exercises warm up and loosen the body.
  • Alignments - Important information on the correct body postures, foot pressures, and the introduction to the three stages.
  • Internal development - Introduction to the second timings of the mind (Yi) also an explaination of the the five elements related to the taiji, and the five internal senses.
  • Tai chi Classics - Writings of a variety of Tai Chi Masters.
  • Tai Chi Writings - Writings of articles by Tai Chi Teachers.
  • Meditation - Several varieties of meditation for aiding the mind to be focused and concentrated.
  • Additional Information - Miscellaneous collection of articles, videos relating to Tai Chi and internal growth.

  1. To understand the correct practice of the 5 loosening exercises and Yang Short Form.
  2. To be confident to independently practice the 5 loosening exercises and Yang Shrt Form..
  3. To understand the underlying principles of Internal Development.
  4. To prepare you with the necessary foundation to continue towards future modules

Prerequisites: Completion of Guest Lessons
Estimated Duration: 1 year.
Assessment Method: Video link, practical assessment
Online, multiple-choice assessment
Pass Level: 75% (3 attempts)

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