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  • Getting Started


'You are seconds away from learning the most complete Tai Chi system available on the internet'...

Welcome to the 'Taichi Online Tuition Website'. REGISTRATION IS FREE. Once you have completed the student account you will have unlimited access to our full courses (Yang Short Form ; Go Chi-i, etc).

The FREE 'INTRODUCTORY LESSONS', is free and is accessible anywhere and anytime on any computer with internet access (REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED).

The lessons are aimed at all ages and abilities. The lesson progression start from beginners level up to advanced. Those who already practice Tai Chi and Qigong in other styles will gain invaluable information from this online teaching.

Before we go any further, at this stage WE DO NOT REQUIRE you to give us any financial details. Get registered first, then take the advantage of the full courses eg 'Yang Short Form' etc.

However we do need too:

  • Know your name and current e-mail address - by filling in a new student account.
  • Read and agree to the 'Terms and Conditions' below.

Terms and Conditions

In the preparation and design of this online training program care has been taken. However some exercises may not be suitable for your body. Therefore any user assumes the responsibly for any risk for injury whilst performing the exercises.

No information contained on the online training program is intended as a substitute for medical advice.

I have read and will comply with the above terms and conditions.

If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions please do not continue and quit and press the green NO button.

If you agree and comply with the above terms and conditions please press the green YES button to continue.

NNNYes agree with termsNNNNNO do not agree with terms

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